RGS International specialise in maximizing revenue growth opportunities in the shortest possible time frame.

Working in close partnership with station/ network management teams, RGS International is focused on developing multi platform media strategies that maximize revenue and ratings returns and deliver best possible performance.

With experience in over 20 international media markets RGS International has a bank of intellectual property on which to draw. Knowing that every market is different our intellectual property is tailored to solve the individual challenges of each of our clients.

At RGS International we are mindful of the number of clients we partner with at any one time. Given the bespoke nature of what RGS International delivers means we deliberately maintain a limited client base. We are committed to partnering with our clients and ensuring maximum bottom line benefits and to do this we must remain boutique media specialists.

Positive outcomes are our priority. If we believe we can't make a positive profit impact on a clients business then it's best for us and the prospective client not to work together.

RGS International invites you to call us to discuss your challenges and see if we can partner together to create a profit and operational edge for your media business.